Faith of Our Fathers


“Fear and courage, faith and friendship, and an affirmation that war is hell.”
Charlie Daniels

FAITH OF OUR FATHERS is a must-see film that shares the significance of fatherhood and brotherhood. In a journey to honor their fathers, two men are forged together as brothers and discover that freedom came at a great price. When men choose to stand up and defend their God and their country, the cost is great but the reward is even greater! On July 1, when FAITH OF OUR FATHERS opens in theaters around the USA, it is an opportunity for men and women to stand up and say, ‘we will never forget!’"
Lee Greenwood, God Bless The USA

“My relationship with my earthly father was a complete blessing from my first breath to his last. FAITH OF OUR FATHERS weaves a beautiful tale which shines a sweet light on the timeless value of the father/son relationship and how much our heavenly Father longs to have that with each of us. Take your family and leave with a renewed passion to pursue and live out your friendship with Him.”
Gary Chapman, singer, songwriter

FAITH OF OUR FATHERS boldly illustrates the gospel through friendship, brotherhood, father-son relationships, and the sacrifice that many will make fighting for their country. Men, at most any stage of life, will be able to connect with the heartfelt message of this movie. It inspires and compels the viewer to examine their own life story through the lens of the gospel and how it transforms through the power of the Holy Spirit. It's a must-see experience!"
Keith Morgan, Colonel, US Army (Retired), National Director, Cru Military

"FAITH OF OUR FATHERS movingly depicts the price paid by our military to defend our freedom and the effects it has on their families, even decades later. Interwoven in the story of two fathers who fought in Vietnam—and the sons they left behind who seek to know them—is the redemptive story of the Gospel and the eternal healing that it brings. An excellent tribute to the warriors who serve our nation, and a clear picture of the love of Christ for all."
Chuck Macri, Air Force retired; Deputy Executive Director, Cru Military

"FAITH OF OUR FATHERS is a real life depiction of how the life of a soldier unfolds during wartime. The parallels between believers and those not sure about their faith was spot on. While serving my country, I looked for opportunities to bring light to those living in darkness. I pray FAITH OF OUR FATHERS encourages Christians everywhere that there are military members in uniform living out their faith as they serve.”
Brigadier General David Warner, USAF (RET) and Executive Director of Officers’ Christian Fellowship

“As our country recognizes the 50th anniversary of U.S. ground forces entering combat in Vietnam, it’s important for us to remember the sacrifices given by so many who did not receive a hero’s welcome when returning home. FAITH OF OUR FATHERS is a must see by all generations. The film wonderfully depicts the courage of two such selfless heroes who not only gave the ultimate sacrifice, but left a legacy of faith and forgiveness to their sons, which is revealed years later. As a retired veteran, I am extremely grateful for these men and women and their service to our nation.”
Jim Humphrey, USAF, Lt. Col. (Retired); Coordinator, The Journey Home Project

FAITH OF OUR FATHERS is a film that every dad needs to see. Great for the whole family: comedy, action, and heart-touching moments, and a great impactful ending to a wonderful story. Go see this film.”
Brian Blomberg, National Center for Fathering

"FAITH OF OUR FATHERS is a very inspirational and compelling movie especially for me as a Vietnam War veteran. The sounds of battle from hundreds of combat missions still echo at times in the deep recesses of my mind. Forty-four of my Seawolf brothers were killed in action. This film accurately captures the heat of battle and the raw emotion, which boils to the surface when it is all on the line. It also artfully brings into focus what is really important today … as fathers and grandfathers, what will our legacy be? The trip to the Wall will help bring closure to many who have still not made it all the way home. Many of our Vietnam War veterans were spat on and mocked rather that heralded with a hero’s welcome home. This movie accurately portrays the warriors I knew… men who routinely demonstrated ‘no greater love than this’… a willingness to lay down their lives for their friends."
Barney Barnes, Veteran Pastor and Speaker, Navy Seawolf (507 Combat Missions)

"FAITH OF OUR FATHERS is a movie that works well on a variety of levels. It honors those who have served in the military, showing a small portion of the intensity, bravery, and camaraderie of our soldiers in wartime circumstances. It shows the need for connection of father to son, and brother to brother. And it clearly communicates the strength one can receive when one accepts Christ and His gift of forgiveness and life. Well scripted, well acted, and well received."
Jim Shields, Team Leader/Development, Indiana Baptist Convention

"FAITH OF OUR FATHERS not only is the gospel lived out but a great reminder of how the faith of our fathers impacts generations to come."
Tom Cheshire, Relevant Practical Ministries for Men

"Freedom isn't free but paid for in the blood of our sons and fathers on the battlefield. FAITH OF OUR FATHERS salutes those brave soldiers who sacrificed all in the Vietnam War for the sake of freedom. In this film courageous men who have gone before us reflect the ultimate sacrifice of all that involved spilt blood at the cross of Calvary so that we may experience freedom from the evil power of sin and death. Greater love has no one than this; to lay down one's life for his friends… Those words ring true in the lives of our soldiers and Savior as demonstrated in FAITH OF OUR FATHERS."
Chad Williams, Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Author of SEAL of God

"If you know someone who has gone away to war and never came back the same—take them to see this movie. It shows the sacrifice warriors make for our freedom, the price families pay while they're gone, and the great price Jesus paid for our forgiveness."
Jeff Struecker, Former Army Ranger; Author of Road to Unafraid; Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Columbus, Georgia

"FAITH OF OUR FATHERS is a motivating film, illustrating courage to live with worldly fear while keeping faith in God's love and eternal glory. FAITH OF OUR FATHERS demonstrates discipleship through thoughts and actions, as well as making the point that a believer's actions impact those that don't seem to be interested in faith—even if it is years later. Christians live in a spiritual battlefield every day. Take a lesson from FAITH OF OUR FATHERS and help your battle buddy, keep the faith, and persevere."
John Lindegren, U.S. Army Veteran

"FAITH OF OUR FATHERS gives the most complete Gospel presentation that I have seen in any Christian movie hands down. This movie presented the plan of salvation so complete that all that was needed at the end of the movie was to ask, ‘would you like to accept Jesus as you Savior?’ If I had a lost person to whom I was witnessing to and they had not made a decision for Christ yet, then I would definitely take them to this movie, and let the movie speak to them and then ask them at the end of the movie if they would like to make a decision to accept Christ. The presentation of this movie is that powerful. A must-see film."
Pastor Tom Claus, Lee's Lane Baptist Church, Louisville, Ky.

"This is the most positive, uplifting film about the Vietnam era I have EVER seen … THANK YOU! And THANK YOU for the clear presentation of the Gospel."
Statt Riddlebarger, Ph.D., Pastor, Pearsall Road Church, San Antonio; Vietnam Veteran