Faith of Our Fathers
Faith of Our Fathers DVD


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  • “Great movie and I highly recommend!”
    Sean Hannity
  • “Fear and courage, faith and friendship, and an affirmation that war is hell.”
    Charlie Daniels
  • "FAITH OF OUR FATHERS … is an opportunity for men and women to stand up and say, ‘we will never forget!’”
    Lee Greenwood, God Bless The USA
  • “The movie as a whole is engaging and the ending is very touching and fairly enthralling. … Best of all, FAITH OF OUR FATHERS has a strong focus on Jesus.”
  • FAITH OF OUR FATHERS weaves a beautiful tale which shines a sweet light on the timeless value of the father/son relationship and how much our heavenly Father longs to have that with each of us.”
    Gary Chapman, singer, songwriter
  • “Be sure to check out FAITH OF OUR FATHERS … a great and entertaining film.”
    Jay Heilman, Christian Music Review
  • “A latter-day variation on the Prodigal Son parable providing proof that God still works in mysterious ways.”
    Kam Williams, Baret News Service